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Grote Markt in Kortrijk

client:city of Kortrijk
program:public space
date:1995-1999 realized
team:Studio, landscape, urbanism
Stabitec bvba - Studiebureau Verhaeghe, engineering
U.Dufour, L.Fabian, J.Leenknegt

a project to the surface The project strategy for the squar is very simple : remove parking spaces, create and expand pedestrian areas required for the terraces of the hotel and catering and rearrange traffic.
The 'Grote Markt' is a place where several streams converge : in the first place people , but also the different parts of the city with their different sizes and scales . Ancient and modern materials come together : granite along the side of the Begijnhof and asphalt along the edge of the modern city.
The design work on this idea of coming together : asphalt where cars drive , stone for the pedestrian area. They clarify the geometry of the city and their horizontality brings the small differences in level of the ground surface to the top . Along this " blue stone " running lines of light that even at night the space readable.