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Piano Regolatore Portuale di Venezia
[first prize]

client:Autorità Portuale di Venezia
date:2016 - in progress
team:D'Appolonia: technical engineering - coordination
Studio: urbanism
Aquatecno: maritime engineering and designing
Maritime and Transport Business Solution: economy - programmation
Alvise Pagnacco, Tommaso Pietropolli, Alessio Tamiazzo

The Port of Venice lies within a vast metropolitan area, located in a non-marginal part of the regional territory, with specific urban and productive characteristics of use. The construction of the new "Piano Regolatore Portuale" is in the crucial stage of rethinking the territorial organization and is an essential moment in the elaboration of a new vision, that extends beyond the given area. After years of industrial decline, the areas of the Port of Venice can become the center of a future reflection on Venice and its metropolitan area.