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Architecture | Urbanism | Landscape

Theater and picnic area in Hoge Rielen

client:Flemish Government, AFM
program:public space, pavilion
date:2010 - 2016
consultant:ARA Dries Beys
Uberto degli Uberti, Sebastien Declerq, Emanuel Giannotti, Gunther Pusch, Wim Wambecq, Kasumi Yoshida, Qinyi Zhang

The theater is an enormously important building for the Hoge Rielen, even if it is not always in use. Like many other buildings in Hoge Rielen, the theatre needs to establish a strong synergy with the surrounding environment. Theatre activities can be organised spontaneously. Hence the theatre provides an outdoor stage that is flexible. The stage is connected to the path across the woods and dialogues with the entrance of the nearby building, at the same time it is aligned with the open space located behind it, already used for sports and recreation. Thus the terrace, made in wooden planking, is perfectly expandable in length. Connecting the stage to the paths and to the contact strip may give rise to an interesting interaction between active users and passers-by.